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We are a group of researchers at the National Institutes of Health, USA. Most of us were educated in India at various premier institutes and universities like Indian Institute of Science- Bangalore, Center of Cellular and Molecular Biology- Hyderabad, Jawahar Lal Nehru University-New Delhi. We specialize in various streams of biological sciences (see Biotech Think-tank).

This group was formed with about 10 Indian post-docs at NIH, in November 2003, who wanted to create a group to share information specific to people from India or of Indian origin and forge friendly co-operation, both personal and professional, amongst Indian researchers at NIH. The first step was creating a mailing list that made it easy for the first few to spread the word. However, a web-site can provide a great platform to share our thoughts, expertise and be a source of helpful information for the new comers from India. That is the goal of this web-site.

There are many unique features of this group. Its members come from everywhere in India, it is not based on regions in India. Second, it is not based on the structures common to any other organization. We can safely say that it is more based on the ancient Greek democracy where everyone has an equal say and decisions are taken with consensus. We have an apolitical Steering Committee to run the day to day affair of the group. The Steering Committee (called NISCom) members take the initiative to organize various events. Our motto is to promote friendship and co-operation amongst the Indian community at NIH and foster bonds beyond boundaries of NIH.



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