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Honor Roll

National Institutes of Health is home to some of the best brains in the field of research in Biological Sciences. Indian scientists look up to NIH for inspiration bringing them here in great numbers for their first post-doctoral research experience. For many new-comers to NIH the biggest source of inspiration are the various successful Indian scientists and other professionals who, like them, got their early education in India and subsequently made their mark on international science.

This "Honor Roll" is the list of the prominent Indians at NIH, an Indian Who's Who at NIH. Its our way of paying tribute and recognition to all our senior peers. All the people on Roll have been at NIH for several years at the least, with illustrious careers at other places, both in the United States and rest of the world, before getting here.

Note: This list is a work in progress, so please bear with us. If you would like to add some one in the list please contact us.

Name Designation
Sushil Rane Faculty
Sankar Adhya Chief, DGS
Jyoti Misra Sen (NIH/NIA) PI, Head
Ashok Kulkarni Senior Investigator
Rashmi Gopal-Srivastava Director, Extramural Research Program, Office of rare Diseases Researchh
Ramesh Vemuri Chief, Scientific Review Branch
Mukesh Verma Branch Chief
Dhruba Chattoraj Sr. Investigator
Suresh Ambudkar Senior Investigator
jairaj acharya senior investigator
Amar Klar Dr.
Ajay Chitnis Senior Investigator
Pankaj Qasba Program director
Shyam Sharan Senior Investigator
Raman Sood Associate investigator
Harish Pant PI, Laboratory Chief, CPR
james T. Russell Senior Investigator
Raj Puri MD., Ph.D.
Mahadev Murthy Program Director
Anand Swaroop Senior Investigator and Lab Chief
Neeraj Agarwal Program Director
Rajendra Chhabra Supervisory Toxicologist
Anu Puri Staff Scientist
Opendra Sharma Program Officer
Vinay Pathak Head, Viral Mutation Section
Murali Krishna Cherukuri Chief, Biophysics Section
Munira Basrai Senior Investigator
Srinivasa Srinivasula Principal Investigator
Vineet KewalRamani Head, Model Development Section, HIV Drug Resistance Program
Ranjan Sen Lab Chief, senior Investigator
Nikhil Basu Staff Scientist
Dr. Akhilesh Nagaich Principal Investigator
Vijay Ramchandani Chief, Section on Human Psychopharmacology
Krish Krishnan Scientific Review Officer
Anil K Patri Dy. Director, NCL
Raj Puri Division Director
Shiva Singh Chief, MORE Special Initiatives Branch, and Program Director, Division of Genetics & Developmental Biology
Kumaran Ramamurthi Investigator
Krishna Balakrishnan Executive Director
Rajeev Agarwal Program Director
Ajoy Prabhu Head of Marketing
Vatsalya Vatsalya Medical Faculty/Clinical Investigator


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