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Indian Embassy

Consulate at DC

Put information of Indian Embassy and Indian Consulate here in order to point out that one should only approach the Indian Consulate for all purposes because that is where all the administrative work is done. They are located at different addresses.

Coming with your family

A J1's partner gets a J2 visa. This visa, contrary to others, permits him/her to work. To work, the J2 Holder should submit their file to USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) asking for the permission to work. You will get your permit (EAD) in 6-8 weeks.

A brief summary of J2 visa process and work authorization can be found at following link. NOTE NIH-India is not adovcating for any service, link is just for sake of informal information. You can easily google on internet.

Regarding children, all children born in the US get a double nationality. You should register the child at the Indian Embassy for the Indian Formalities and vial the postal service for the American passport.

Two tried and tested associations can help the post-docs family and children overcome their isolation:

1. International women's group: a very active NIH organization which organizes activities for mothers and children (play group, coffee morning, dinner with the -----of each country, sports etc.). The diversity of the representative countries makes it very enriching. Annual fees of $18 for spouses of NIH post-doc and $24 for others. They edit an information hand-book full of interesting information, about schools, places, shopping. To get this book, check out the web site.

2. 2nd group is only of interest to Indians in the DC area.


Apart from government holidays which apply to you also, there is no rule for visiting fellows. You depend exclusively on your mentor. Therefore, it is in your interest to clarify this matter quickly with him/her.

Examinations at NIH

Test for authorization to work with radioactive materials. It is very easy but if you are unsure about your English, take a dictionary. Some people fail the exam only because of problems of vocabulary.

Medical visit

Do not forget to bring your vaccination card. This is mainly to check if you have TB. Americans do not vaccinate against TB (they doubt the efficacy of BCG). When they do the skin-test, since the Indians are already vaccinated, they test positive. Therefore, be vigilant if they propose some medication for you after the test because they think you are ill. You are advised to only take the lung X-ray to assure them and to categorically refuse the skin-test.

Links with India

The Indian journal is broadcast everyday at 7 PM on WNVC RF1 broadcasts at 7-7:30 AM and 9 AM on the AM channel 1120AM (except on Sundays). A frank and informal source of information, Indian and international is available at : Radios franchises can be heard on internet @radio-india.

Some book-sellers sell Indian newspapers, for e.g., at Dupont Circle (D.C.) and at Bethesda at Woodmont Avenue at the intersection of Old Georgetown Road.

Gas and Electricity

PEPCO: PEPCO web site/price of gas is different in summer and winter

Washington Gas Energy Services WGES

Financing a post-doc at US

To do a post-doc at NIH, it is essential to obtain the necessary finances and a visa for your stay at NIH. A minimum amount of $25,000/year is required but you can obtain money from several different sources.



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