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You could expect much help from your lab members during your first days. As far as scientific help is concerned, it varies from case to case. Some people are left entirely to themselves, others are much better taken care of.

If after a reasonable time period (a few months), the situation is really intolerable, you can try to change your lab at NIH after having informed yourself of the situation (environment in the new lab). Since a change in labs requires a change in your file at the DIS a change can take several months. However, the change of lab is allowed by the DIS on a case to case basis upon evaluation of your situation. Your contact person at the DIS could provide you with useful and most reliable information regarding this. In short it is possible but conditions apply.

The office of the ombudsman exists to resolve conflicts between people at the NIH in a frank and confidential manner. (

These days you get your NIH email and phone number immediately on your arrival. Until you get your phone line at home or mobile, it is best to use pre-paid cards to call India. You can buy pre-paid cards in the convenience stores in building 10, 35,36) or online at

Local phone calls from phone booths cost 50 cents regardless of the duration of the call. Numbers like 1-800, 1-888, 1-877 are free. You can make collect calls by using 1-800-COLLECT or 265-5328.

To call India, you have to dial 011, then 91 (India country code), then your city code (eg. 11 for New Delhi, 22 for Mumbai, 33 for Kolkata, 44 for Chennai etc) and then your telephone number. OR follow the instruction on your phone card. .

Some phone booths accept payment by credit card and such places are useful for making long distance calls. However, you take the risk of having no prior information on the rate per minute and consequently your bill may be very high.

Stamps starts from 44 cents within the US and 98 cents for India. For exact price and more detail please visit United States Postal Service. Stamps are available in Bldg. 10 near B1-cafeteria.

See Bank & Telephones for more details.



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