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The purpose of NIH Indian Association (NIA) is to provide a platform for Indian postdocs, scientists and staff at National Institutes of Health, and their friends, families and relatives, to come together and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of India and to promote cultural understanding and exchange of ideas and views between the people of India and those of USA and other countries.


Membership to NIA will be open to all NIHers and their friends and relatives, regardless of race, gender, disability, religion or national origin.

The NIH India Steering Committee (NISCom) is a group of members of NIA, who govern the policies and activities (online and otherwise) of NIA. It is based on the following general principals:

  • Membership of NISCom is based on demonstrated interest and devotion to the organization.
  • Membership to NISCom is open to all the members of NIA. Any one who wants to be a part of NISCom should write to NISCom 'AT' yahoogroups 'DOT' com with a brief description of what they think is heir reason for the same. Alternatively, the current members of NISCom can invite other NIA members, after writing to all others in NISCom about why they feel their invitee should be made a part of NISCom.
  • All policy decisions are taken by simple majority, within NISCom and then emailed to the entire group for their comments.
  • The decision of NISCom about a policy decision is final.
  • Policy changes can be made only by a simple majority.
  • The present members of NISCom are Shikha Gupta, Abhiman Saraswathi and Manoj Tyagi.
  • The NISCom takes the initiative to organize events, arrange participation in outside events, lead the discussions about new policy matters, advise the webmasters about web events.
  • If the majority decides at any give time that a member of NISCom is not capable of performing their tasks appropriately, he/she can be removed from NISCom and their replaced by the next member in alphabetical order. Alternatively, members can themselves temporarily excuse themselves for any reason.
  • The webmasters are permanent till they are unable to do their tasks for any reason. In that event NISCom will search for and find suitable replacement(s). At present the webmasters are: Manoj Tyagi and Abhiman Saraswathi . Other webmasters take care of portions of the web-site: e.g., Shikha Gupta is list manager.
  • Membership to NISCom is voluntary.


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