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Federal and State taxes for each year have to be filed by April 15th. of the succeeding year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st). Each case is unique based on your family status. visa type, your previous tax country etc. At first it might be confusing and overwhelming but don't worry NIH organizes a series of tax seminars during month of March and April. We recommend you MUST visit these seminars at least once.

You can download forms at

Federal Tax

The forms are: 1040NR or 1040. There are easy version of each, in case your status is simple and there are not many decuctions etc.Based on your suitation you can have following form: 3903 (moving expenses) or/and 2106 (employee business expenses).

Also send a copy of 1042S or W2 form which you will receive in March. The sum indicated in this form is the amount you should enter in the 1040NR.


All those visiting fellows coming from treaty countries like Germany, France, etc and are legal tax resident of such countries should inform DIS or admin officer during the hiring process so that you can avail treaty benefits. E.g. if after completing your PhD from Germany and before coming to US for post doc you visit India (for a month or so) while your visa and applicaiton is processed, manytimes DIS assumes you are tax resident of India and you might loose benefits of tax treaty with Germany.

For more information please contact DIS or admin officer during your hiring process.



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